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Are you looking for pre-coat solid aluminum panel?

Alucobest Dual Aluminum Panel is a new type of product which consist of two aluminium sheets bonded together with a total thickness of 2~3 mm . It is a pre-coated double sheet aluminium panel for facades with high technical, visual and continious requirements. It also offers the possibility of laminate a creative appearance such as brushed finish, anodized finish, and mirror finish. Alucobest has over 20 years excellence in metal composites and guarantees good wind resistance and flatness,meets fire resistance requirements of A2 under the standard of GB8624, EN-13501, BS8414.

Alucobest Dual Aluminum Panel_SAP

This makes it much more ideal for facade projects than normal solid aluminum panel. Alucobest dual aluminum panel is very easy to processing. It can be shaped into various shapes by cutting, slotting,curving and folding.


Post time: Dec-09-2020