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Production Line

Chromating Line

Chromating (2)

The chromating line is to clean the lubricating grease and anti-oxidative grease on the surface while being rolled, and other impurities such as silicon, magnesium, iron and copper that deposit on the surface of aluminium. The company uses qualified industrial chemicals and advanced technology from German Henkel to deal with the surface of aluminium. Through this technology, the aluminium surface will be covered with a honeycomb oxidative coating of high density, which is an media to provide a very strong adhesive force and make paint and aluminium firmly adhesive with each other.

Coating Line


The precise coating line is to coat the aluminium roll with various paints according to the needs of the customers. The company has an advanced three-roller reversal precise coating machine that can operate in an under sealed, dustless condition so that the thickness of the coating and its outer appearance are under proper control. The oven is divided into four temperature-controlled areas to make the coating reach the best condition in its solvent resistance, hardness, flexibility and good glossiness, strong adhesive force and corrosion resistance.

Continuous Lamination


This is the key process of producing Aluminium Composite Panel. It can make aluminium, PE core and adhesive polymer film firmly adhesive to one another under high heat and high pressure so that the panel is smooth in its surface. With imported qualified adhesive polymer film, advanced equipment, perfect technology and strict quality control, we have produced the Aluminium Composite Panel whose peel strength is two times of the national standard and reach to the quality index of the international famous brand.