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Aluminum Honeycomb Panel by Continuous Production Process

Alucobest Aluminium Honeycomb Panel is bonded in a continuous process. The continuous production process allows the production of large size panels up to 12 meters. Also it is constructed from 100% aluminum, deemed as Non-combustible Class A2.

Alucobest Aluminium Honeycomb Panel generally uses PVDF coated aluminum sheet by a continuous roller coating process, which is coated by one time to ensure the colour consistency, even coating thickness, and reliable quality. This can also retain the vivid and bright colour of the building exterior. After being exposed to the sun and rain or industrial waste, it is obvious that the panel adopting roller coating is brighter than the ones treated by spraying coating. Roller coating makes the aluminium honeycomb panel has good adhesion strength and weather resistance. The roller coating is recognized as the first-class treatment in this product globally.




In addition to its low weight and perfect flatness, Alucobest Aluminium Honeycomb Panel  shows excellent design flexibility.The outstanding surface with high quality PVDF provides optimum resistance to weather and industrial pollution. 

Alucobest Honeycomb Panel also come in a range of anodized surface, special design colors and art film textures as well as natural copper, stainless steel and zinc surface.It is the ideal choice not only for outdoor applications such as facade cladding, roofing, balconies, shelters, and so on., but also for interior design like artistic ceilings.


Wind load resistance

Shock absorption

Sound insulation

Thermal insulation

Fire resistance

High strength

Light weight

Perfect flatness


Wall curtain


Shop/External Fascias

Exterior Building


Total Quality Management

Raw Material Test

IPQC,In Process Quality Control

Pre-Shipment Inspection(PSI)

Raw Material Test

IPQC,In Process Quality Control

Pre-Shipment Inspection(PSI)

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