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Chameleon Aluminium Composite Panel

ALUCOBEST Chameleon Aluminium Composite Panel  is baked in a special coating process on the same surface, taking the advantages of refraction and reflection between lights. Then the panel will present dynamic colour shifting under different angles.
ALUCOBEST Chameleon Aluminium Composite Panel can show different natural colors in one single surface. From morning to dusk, when the sunshine changes its direction and altitude angle, the building will show different natural colors because of its special paints. The colour transition is natural, which makes the building shine with shimmer and attractive.
ALUCOBEST Chameleon Aluminium Composite Panel always uses high-quality Fluorocarbon paint, even it is installed exterior, will not influence its life, also can ensure the color still bright. It can best keep designer’s original design style, is the source of design inspiration.


The color in the chart is just for reference. A slight color variation may occur between different products such as different pigments. For exact color matching, please request actual color samples.

Color variations may occur between panels originating from different production batches. To ensure color consistency, the total project should be placed in or order.
To avoid possible reflection differences, please install the panels in the same direction as arrow marked on the protective film.
Mini order: 
600㎡/standard color, 1000㎡/special color
Customized product will be available
Panel Thickness:3mm, 4mm
Aluminum thickness: 0.20mm, 0.30mm
Standard Size: 1220*2440mm
Core: normal PE, FR, A2
Exterior building, Interior building, Wallboard, Signage, Airport, Gas stations

Product Properties

Alucobest® aluminum composite materials (ACP) are produced by continuously bonding two thin aluminum skin on either side of an extruded LDPE or mineral-filled, fire-retardant thermoplastic core. The aluminum surfaces have been pre-treatment and coil-coated in a variety of paint finishes before lamination. We also offer metal composite materials (MCM) featuring skins of copper, zinc, stainless steel or titanium bonded to the same cores with special finish. Alucobest® ACP and MCM both offer the rigidity of heavy-gauge sheet metal in a lightweight composite material.

Ease of Fabrication

Alucobest® ACP can be fabricated with ordinary woodworking or metalworking tools, with no special tools required. Cutting, grooving, punching, drilling, bending, rolling and many other fabrication techniques can be easily performed to create a virtually unlimited variety of complex forms and shapes.

Method of packing

By iron pallet:

In bulk:

By wood pallet:

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