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Non-combustible Aluminium C-core Panel

Alucobest C-core panel is the same as traditional aluminum composite panel; but what makes it different is the technology of the corrugated aluminum core, which is constructed from a profiled aluminum structure rather than combustible material, making it one of the best non-combustible cladding solutions.


Alucobest C-core panel adopts 3D physical structure and uses unique bonding technology.

Alucobest C-core panel is compounded by multifunctional production equipment.  The C-core structure combines flexibility and rigidity with light weight and strength. Easy to process, environmental friendly and reaches to fire-resistance A2, which is suitable for  high fireproof performance building .

Alucobest C-core panel has various surfaces and patterns as brushed, stone, wood grains and special patterns. But its topside color is only matt color.



Alucobest C-core panel formed in a continuous process under high temper and high pressure,same as traditional aluminium composite panel (ACP), and coated by PVDF paint supply by PPG; thus is available in rich colour ranges.The outstanding surface flatness with high quality PVDF provides optimum resistance to weather and industrial pollution. Our C-core panel can be used for any building facade which need high requirement in fire resistance.

Alucobest C-core panel also come in a range of anodized surface, special design colors and art film textures as well as natural copper, stainless steel and zinc surface.


  1. PVDF Coloured Coating
  2. 0.7mm Aluminium Skin
  3. Adhesive film
  4. 3mm Profiled Aluminium Core
  5. Adhesive film
  6. 0.5mm Aluminium Skin
  7. Polyester Service Coating





Key Advantages:

• Excellent flatness and rigidity

• Design flexibility

• Lightweight

• Cost effective product

• Non-combustible Class A2

Total Quality Management

Raw Material Test

IPQC,In Process Quality Control

Pre-Shipment Inspection(PSI)

Raw Material Test

IPQC,In Process Quality Control

Pre-Shipment Inspection(PSI)

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