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PET/PVC Laminated Metal Plate(VCM)

Alucobest VCM plates are lanimating steel composite plates with natural colors and beautiful patterns resulting in an effect emanating luxury and elegance. Propeties include resistance to corrosion, stains,scratches, waterproof, and easy to fabrication. Alucobest VCM plates adopt materials in full compliance with Rohs for zero pollution and are presently widely used in home appliaance products such as refrigerators,washers, microware ovens, coolers,water heaters, range hoods, disinfection cabinet, etc and in the transportation industry such as materials for ships, high speed trains, buses, interior decoration of refrigerated containers, steel-made doors.


Product Properties

• Easy processing and installation

It can be easily processed by wood or metal tooling as the traditional aluminium composite panel.

Bending, slotting, grooving and other processing into complex shapes and sizes can be done effortlessly.

• Rich in colours and patterns

More than 140 kinds of conventional colors, a total of more than 600 colors, including wood, stone, leather, solid and so on.  The customized pattern is available.

• Fire resistance

The fire-resistant performance can reach to Class B or Class A2 by the optional fire-resistant core.

• Moisture resistance

The product has strong moisture resistance, acid and alkali resistance, no colour fading for 15 years of interior use.

• Scratch resistance

The special composition is added during the production thus the surface can be prevented from scratching.

• Friendly to environment

No glue is needed during the installation process, and it is green and environmentally friendly.

1.5mm VCM steel composite panel special for TV back panel available.

Key advantage:

1) Excellent Machinability

2) Anti-dust and Anti Microbial

3) Resistancess to Acids and Alkali

4) Durability

5) Green Materials

Total Quality Management

Raw Material Test

IPQC,In Process Quality Control

Pre-Shipment Inspection(PSI)

Raw Material Test

IPQC,In Process Quality Control

Pre-Shipment Inspection(PSI)

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